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Who We Are

Launched in 2001, Impact Mentoring Academy is a single gender, 'charter school' As a registered charity, we are able to offer a viable alternative to mainstream education. Our current focus is to expand from the current Middle & Senior levels, to open for primary aged young men.

Our Board

Chairman Calvin CC White
Vice Chairman/Curriculum Committee Chair Pastor Joseph Whalen
Board Secretary Orlando Smith
Treasurer Pamela Greyson
HR Committee Chair Llewellyn Trott
Development Officer Trace White
Members: Llewellyn Trott
Pastor Joseph Whalen
Orlando Smith

IMA PTA Executive 2018/2019

Deputy Presidents


IMA Faculty

Executive Director         Chris Crumpler
Deputy Director/Facilities & Operations Victor Gilbert
Finances Pamela Grayson
Deputy Director Academics /Science / Math
English /Physical Education   Ryan Nesbitt
Bible / Math / Coaching Kenneth Simons
English Stephanie Hendrickson