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HAMILTON, BERMUDA (February 29, 2016)‐‐‐Impact Mentoring Academy (IMA) is proud to announce our inaugural IMPACT Campaign! The Impact Campaign is a 60‐day pledge campaign where you can become a Partner or Patron of the school starting March 1, 2016 and finishing May 1, 2016. All moneys raised will go towards the School Improvement Plan.

Th​e IMPACT Campaign is an annual fund drive to support IMPACT Mentoring Academy (IMA), a non‐profit, non‐sectarian Christian‐based single gender school for middle and high school aged males. The school has appointed a new Executive Director Chris Crumpler.

Chris Crumpler has been in education for over 10 years in learning support, student services, program development and sports, with a concentration in behavior intervention and prevention strategies with boys. Mr. Crumpler has worked in multiple settings in Bermuda including home school, primary, middle and high school. Mr. Crumpler was also the co‐founder of Team Street Safe, an organization that focused upon gang intervention in Bermuda from 2013‐2014. Mr. Crumpler is also the founder of Motivational Mentors, which empowers the community through various forums including camps, after‐school programs and personal development presentations.

Mr. Crumpler is now bringing vitality to IMA with a new vision that includes a new location, new programs and a new curriculum while maintaining the core values at IMA was founded on. These fresh initiatives were developed during the strategic planning session that took place with staff members, Board of Directors and overseas educational consultant the Mason West group of Atlanta, Georgia USA. The agenda of that session was to create the premier single gender school in the country and the world. Impact Mentoring Academy stakeholders are fully committed to this vision and request your help!

Make an Impact​by making a donation to our School Improvement Plan (SIP). Our school improvement has been extracted directly from our overarching 3‐5 year Organizational Strategic Plan. IMPACT Mentoring Academy is excited to announce our inaugural Impact Campaign!The IMPACT Campaign is a 60 day Pledge campaign to become an IMPACT Patron or Partner starting March 1, 2016‐May 1, 2016.

All monies raised will go towards building and maintaining the SIP (school improvement plan) which includes the following:

New Curriculum
Sports Program
Trades Program
Jujitsu Program
Music Program
Counseling/Life Coaching​

An IMPACT Patron status is based upon an annual pledge of $100.00. Name listed on school website as a community supporter. An IMPACT Partner status is based upon an annual pledge of $1,000.00. Your organization logo displayed on school website. Our goal is to secure 1,100 pledges or $200,000.00!

● Donate online at
● Mail checks to P.O. Box FL 633; Flatts FLBX
● Direct deposit to HSBC account 0​10­836419­001.

For more information, or to make your contribution/pledge call 441‐747‐4621 or email or visit our website at